Application Procedure

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Application date varies from the various institutions, and also based on the country. Applications as open in spring, summer, autumn and winter depending on the institution and the country.

It is advisable to make early application so that you gain an early admission since admission is based on first come first serve. It will also help you to have an ample time to prepare your document for visa.
To apply for any admission programs, please contact us directly by e-mail, phone or through one of our recruitment offices in Ghana.

Prospective students should send a filled application form. Please keep in mind that the documentation for application can be sent via e-mail.
For those who will apply through the internet and will not be able to visit any of our offices due to distance, please scan and send all their materials through email. The original documents have to be provided after student’s arrival to the admitted university.

The following documents are required for the admission.

1. Required personal information,

2. Secondary school diploma/certificate in the form of the original English language copy

3. Bachelor diploma/certificate in the form of the original English language

4. Passport copy

5. Birth certificate copy

6. Transcript and Diplom (master degree applicants)

7. Passport size photograph

Some institutions require language profieciecny test before admission can be issued. We will advice, if you want to study in any of the developed countries, you do take any of the language tests before making your application.

After we receive the application forms, we evaluate it and also submit then to the various institutions for evaluation and admission by the admission board.

Prospective students will receive a call from our office with the news of their admission and they will be prep for the visa applications.



Please note that we do not have any authority nor influence on visa decisions taken by the various consular.